UK (AUS) vs US Covers

I am someone who will buy a book based on the cover. I take pride in my book collection so I want books that I enjoy reading but also good to look at. In Australia our covers are generally the same as the UK covers but thanks to Book Depository I can get access to both UK and US covers.

One of Us is Lying by Karen M.Mcmanus

UK/Aus                                                                  US

Generally I'm not a fan of people's faces on covers. But I like the colours and the Brady Bunch feels the US cover brings. It also looks more intriguing and exciting.

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

UK/Aus                                                                  US

While both these are very cute. To me the pastels colours on the US cover is more aesthetically pleasing.

Juniper Lemon's Index of Happiness by 
Julie Israel

UK/Aus                                                                 US

The winner is.......UK/Aus. I love brightness and combination of colours as opposed to the US cover. The US cover looks like it has had a bad filter added to it, so not a fan.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

UK/Aus                                                                US

I'm torn on these two. I'd be happy with both because they are both very beautiful. I prefer the typography on the US cover but the intricacy of the background design for the UK cover. This one is a draw.

Highly Illogical Behavior by 
John Corey Whaley

UK/Aus                                                                   US

This is a tough one as well. I think both are beautiful. The UK cover has a wood background which is different and unique. The US is so bright and colourful. They are so different and but similar so it's a hard one to choose.

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

UK/Aus                                                              US  

Definitely prefer the UK cover. I don't understand the little animals on the US cover but they may be symbolic in someway. Even so I like how simplistic and pretty the UK cover is.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

UK/Aus                                                                US

I love the US hardcover of this book. It is gorgeous!!! Under the dust jacket there are beautiful images so the US edition wins hands down. Plus the face on the UK edition creeps me out.

Do you have a general preference whether it be UK or US editions?    

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